Warsaw Seminar with Daria Sergeeva

We’re inviting you to the first seminar with Daria Sergeeva in Warsaw, Poland.

Daria Sergeeva (7th Level of ILC, 3rd instructor level) is among the most advanced I Liq Chuan adepts in the world. She is also an frequent contender on fighter tournaments and a winner of many gold medals on world tournaments of Gong Fu, Tai Chi, Sanda and Muay Thai in such disciplines as san shou and tui shou. Her skills have been recognized and respected for years now.

The topic of the seminar was agreed with Master Sam Chin to fit the current development level of the Polish groups. It’s also suitable for beginners. The event is also open for practicioners of other styles who would like to find new inspiration and refinement, as well as those who train mostly for health and recreation.

The topic is “Correction of the Basics in partner work. The feeling of distance.”

Cost: 420 PLN. For CFILCA members: 370 PLN. Advance payment 150 PLN.
Account no.: 60 1140 2004 0000 3102 2262 4516

We’re asking foreigners to make an indivitual registration and contact us for additional support on our trip.

Time: Sat&Sun 14-15th April 2012 in Warsaw. Długa St. 44/50, room 104. 11am-6pm with 2-hours lunch break at 1:30pm.