Review of Warsaw seminar with Daria Sergeeva

dsc_0086On April 13th to 15th we had the pleasure of hosting Daria Sergeeva, one of the most advanced I Liq Chuan practicioners and instructors in the world, in Warsaw. Daria’s legend arrived here already years back and we had a chance to meet her when she assisted Master Sam Chin during his seminar in Warsaw 3 years ago. It was only now though that we organized Daria’s first seminar in Poland.

dsc_0166We had the first training on Friday evening. There were students from both ILC schools in Warsaw and some from other cities. The main topics of this training included meditation on sensual and mental awareness, needed for understanding of the deeper aspects of I Liq Chuan and the nature of the body’s structure based on bones, muscles and tendons, keeping it in movement and in meeting the opponent’s force.

The official seminar took place on Saturday and Sunday. It’s topics included partner work related with the basic exercises and understanding of distance. Thanks to instructions and demonstrations given by Daria, who is quite a slim person, we could see how the mastery of technique may allow one to be unbelievably efficient against much bigger opponents, regardless of gender or frame.

At the end of the seminar grading was held by the instructors: Daria Sergeeva, Bartosz Samitowski & Włodzimierz Hrymniak. Four students successfully graded: Sebastian Cis & Marcin Ponomarew (2nd level) and Uladzimir Krumin & Michał Górski (1st level). Congratulations!

According to the shared opinion of participants it’s clear that the event was really inspiring for everyone and Daria impressed all of us with her skill as a practitioner, as a great teacher and as a person. We’re hoping for further cooperation and seeing an even bigger group of our students next time!


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English-speaking I Liq Chuan class for foreigners in Warsaw

If you are a foreigner in Warsaw and don’t speak Polish you might consider notifying us about your wish to train I Liq Chuan. We are gathering the willing to form an English-speaking class. If this might apply to you, let us know! Trainings will be led by an English-fluent instructor experienced in teaching in the UK.