Workshop with Daria Sergeeva in Warsaw, April 6-7 2013


We’re inviting you for Daria Sergeeva’s seminar in Warsaw, Poland.

Daria Sergeeva (8th ILC Level, 3rd Instructor Level) is among the most advanced I Liq Chuan adepts in the world. She’s an active competitor and champion of different championships of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Sanda and Muay Thai. Her skills gave her international acclaim in martial arts. She’s also, as we already know a great teacher.

The topic of this workshop is: “Body line. Spinning hands and application.”

Price: 150$ or 110 Euro. For CFILCA members upon showing a valid passbook: 130$ or 100 Euro. Participation in one day only is 100$ or 75 Euro.

If you’d like to come, please let us know until the end of March!

Time: April 6-7 2013, 11-17:30

Place: Primus Foundation, Zoltan Balo St. 1

Organized by:
I Liq Chuan Warsaw-Midtown
Bartosz Samitowski, tel. 793 23 16 11,