Discipleship Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur


A very special moment. Bartosz Samitowski from Poland was accepted as disciple today August 1st on Master Sam Chin’s 60th birthday and under the witness of students throughout the globe as well as the founder of the art. Welcome to the family!

Source: www.facebook.com/officialiliqchuan

New gradings in our School!

Many of our students passed to a new level on December 21st, 2014! Congratulations to Dominika (level 2),Danuta (level 3), Marcin (level 1), Jarek Kacprzak (level 1&2), Marcin (level 3), Łukasz (level 3), Jan (level 3), Sebastian (level 3) and also to Gato as the co-instructor of our group! The skills were very good, we’re proud of you guys!!!