Our non-formal beginnings date back to 2008, when Master Sam F. S. Chin visited Poland for the first time. At that time we trained other martial arts, some of us had been long-time practicioners. We realized very quickly that Master Chin’s level of ability far surpassed that of our old teachers’ and his students had been developing much faster than those of other gong fu styles known to us. Originally we trained in a nonformal environment based at one of the Warsaw Tai Chi schools. Soon we started to lead the first regular I Liq Chuan trainings in Poland. We gained attention from many students and eventually I Liq Chuan became a part of the school’s offert.

With time we saw a need to form an independent I Liq Chuan school in order to ensure the quality of training. Formally the School was founded in September 2010 by Bartosz Samitowski, with agreement and personal care by Sifu Sam F. S. Chin. The co-founder of the school was Tomek “Gato” Gawroński, also experienced in leading ILC classes already. We were the first instructors in Poland to lead regular I Liq Chuan classes while dedicating ourselves fully to this style.

We are an official representative of CFILCA (Chin Family I Liq Chuan Association).  We also closely cooperate with other ILC schools worldwide.

Our instructors regularly participate in international seminars and private classes of Master Chin, and they have led seminars themselves in Poland, Norway, Great Britain and Czech Republic.