Bartosz Samitowski (b. 1980)
6th Level of I Liq Chuan, 2nd Instructor Level

He begun his adventure with Chinese martial arts in 1991. Since 2008, when he met his current Sifu – Sam F. S. Chin, his training and teaching interests have been exclusively related with I Liq Chuan. In the fall of 2010, with Master Chin’s approval, he opened an official I Liq Chuan school in Warsaw. He cooperates closely and regularly trains under Sifu Chin.

He’s been helping in international development of I Liq Chuan since summer 2011, leading seminars in London, Oslo and Czech Republic.

On August the 1st 2014, in the cradle of I Liq Chuan – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he had a Bai Shi ceremony, thus becoming an inner door student of Master Sam Chin and a member of the 2nd generation of the I Liq Chuan lineage.

Apart from training I Liq Chuan he’s also a practicioner of Jungian psychotherapy. He holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology on the University of Warsaw and a sports instructor certificate issued by the Academy of Sports Trainers in Warsaw.

Tomasz “Gato” Gawroński
5th Level of I Liq Chuan, 2nd Instructor Level

Gato has been regularly training I Liq Chuan since 2008 under Sam F. S. Chin, the Master and main lineage holder of the Style. Since 2010 he’s been training and assisting in Warsaw group’s classes under instructor Bartosz Samitowski.

In April 2015 he was successfully examined for 5th ILC Level and in April 2016 for 2nd Instructor Level .

In everyday life he’s a father and a martial arts’ enthusiast.

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