Students of our school may become members of Chin Family I Liq Chuan Association (CFILCA). Then they:

  • Grade for levels according to the ILC system
  • Receive ILC Passbooks that allow discounts for local and worldwide seminars led by Sifu Chin and advanced ILC instructors
  • Receive discounts for our outdoor trainings
  • Become members of the worldwide ILC community
  • Pay the annual fee of 50$.

The I Liq Chuan grading system:

  • Provides a structure for one’s training and allow to track one’s development in the Art
  • Grant a status honored by all ILC schools in the world
  • They allow access to special advanced trainings
  • Increase motivation
  • Give additional satisfaction

Degree holders receive special belts signifying their status.

To receive a CFILCA membership application ask your instructor.

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