English-speaking I Liq Chuan class for foreigners in Warsaw

If you are a foreigner in Warsaw and don’t speak Polish you might consider notifying us about your wish to train I Liq Chuan. We are gathering the willing to form an English-speaking class. If this might apply to you, let us know! Trainings will be led by an English-fluent instructor experienced in teaching in the UK.

Discipleship Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur


A very special moment. Bartosz Samitowski from Poland was accepted as disciple today August 1st on Master Sam Chin’s 60th birthday and under the witness of students throughout the globe as well as the founder of the art. Welcome to the family!

Source: www.facebook.com/officialiliqchuan

New gradings in our School!

Many of our students passed to a new level on December 21st, 2014! Congratulations to Dominika (level 2),Danuta (level 3), Marcin (level 1), Jarek Kacprzak (level 1&2), Marcin (level 3), Łukasz (level 3), Jan (level 3), Sebastian (level 3) and also to Gato as the co-instructor of our group! The skills were very good, we’re proud of you guys!!!

The I Liq Chuan School in Warsaw is inviting you to a summer camp in Poland!

1071687_545912258799444_1340046565_oThe camp will take place between 18-24th August 2013 r. in Wigierski National Park in Poland. It’s one of the most beautiful regions in this country and in Europe. Far from civilization, between woods, rivers and lakes.

The program will include all-day ILC trainings:

  • Three aspects of ILC – martial, health and meditation
  • Philosophy, concepts and principles
  • Unifying mind and body – basic exercises, 21 Form
  • Unifying with the opponent – spinning and sticky hands training, sparring

Additional possible activities:

  • Kayaks, horse riding, bikes, swimming, sunning, sauna and sightseeing J

We are inviting all ILC students and instructors with partners and kids, friends and those who would like to start training.

The pricing for the trip (including training, accomodation and food)

  • In a house – 220 Euros
  • In a camping house – 200 Euros
  • In a tent – 180 Euros
  • For partners who will not participate in training: pick an option and subtract 70 Euros.

To participate, please send 80 Euros before July 23rd by paypal to the account: office@alchemylabs.pl and send u san email: b.samitowski@iliqchuan.com

The trainings will start on Sunday, August the 18th at 12:00. The last training will be held on Saturday 24th August. You may come 1 day prior to the training and leave one day after. Accommodating for another night is 8 Euros. If you’re coming from another country, we will help you in transfer from Warsaw by car of train.


Gospodarstwo gościnne – Maćkowa Ruda – Miłosz Cichocki
Maćkowa Ruda 18A


Bartosz Samitowski
I Liq Chuan School in Warsaw
tel. 793 23 16 11

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Workshop with Daria Sergeeva in Warsaw, April 6-7 2013


We’re inviting you for Daria Sergeeva’s seminar in Warsaw, Poland.

Daria Sergeeva (8th ILC Level, 3rd Instructor Level) is among the most advanced I Liq Chuan adepts in the world. She’s an active competitor and champion of different championships of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Sanda and Muay Thai. Her skills gave her international acclaim in martial arts. She’s also, as we already know a great teacher.

The topic of this workshop is: “Body line. Spinning hands and application.”

Price: 150$ or 110 Euro. For CFILCA members upon showing a valid passbook: 130$ or 100 Euro. Participation in one day only is 100$ or 75 Euro.

If you’d like to come, please let us know until the end of March!

Time: April 6-7 2013, 11-17:30

Place: Primus Foundation, Zoltan Balo St. 1

Organized by:
I Liq Chuan Warsaw-Midtown
Bartosz Samitowski, tel. 793 23 16 11, b.samitowski@iliqchuan.com

No Talk Just Spin meetings

Next to the 2012/2013 season’s seminars we’re also inviting you to join at a series of meetings called “No Talk Just Spin”, a name which already is a part of the international I Liq Chuan jargon. On each training the participants train the processes of chan sao (spinning hands) and chi sao (sticky hands) of their choice and depending on their level – from the basics until sparrings. Regular changes in pairs proceed. The trainings lack instruction and thus it’s addressed  to those who train I Liq Chuan on regular basis. On prior notice we are also inviting practicioners of other styles (especially Taijiquan, Yiquan and Ving Tsun) for the first 2 hours of training in a confrontation formula. The latter 2 hours are only for ILC students.

The meetings will be held on Sundays following the seminar Saturdays: 16 Dec 2012, 20 Jan, 17 Feb, 17 Mar, 7 Apr, 12 May and 9 Jun 2013.

For the participants of the seminars the meetings are free. For the rest it’s 20 PLN. For guests who take part in the first 2 hours it’s 10 PLN.

Introductory seminars series in 2012/2013

We’re inviting you for a cycle of seminars dedicated to the material of I Liq Chuan curriculum. Each seminar is addressed to:

– Students preparing for grading in this material
– Beginners
– Students who already passed the material but want to refine

The planned dates and topics are:

Seminar 1 [17. XI 2012] – Basic exercises 1-10 (1st ILC Level)
Seminar 2 [15. XII 2012] – Basic exercises 11-15 (2nd ILC Level)
Seminar 3 [19. I 2013] – 21 Form with applications, p. 1 (3rd ILC Level)
Seminar 4 [16. II 2013] – 21 Form with applications, p.2 (3rd ILC Level)
Seminar 5 [16. III 2013] – 21 Form with applications, p.3 (3rd ILC Level)
Seminar 6 [6. IV 2013] – Structure, Energy & Taiji (1st, 2nd and 3rd ILC Level)
Seminar 7 [11. V 2013] – Chan sao (spinning hands), processes 1-7, p. 1 (5th ILC Level)
Seminar 8 [8. VI 2013]- Chan sao (spinning hands), processes 1-7, p. 2 (5th ILC Level)

Exact time and place will be givent to the participants for each event.

Cost per event: 80 PLN
CFILCA members: 70 PLN
Students who already graded the material at the particular seminar: 40 PLN

Instructor: Bartosz Samitowski (5th ILC Level, 2nd Instructor Level)



After the International Summer Camp in Ukraine…

On July 8-22nd by Dnepr river neav Keev in Ukraine the 3rd I Liq Chuan International Summer Camp took place, organized by the Russian school. More than 50 participants came from Poland, Russia, Norway, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Dagestand, Kalmatia and USA. The trainings were mostly led by Master Sam F. S. Chin, Master Alexander Skalozub and Daria Sergeeva. Formal trainings took 9 hours a day. Apart from that we trained for several hours in the free time.

Daria Sergeeva, Aleksander Skalozub, Chin Fan Siong, Bartosz Samitowski, Tomasz “Gato” Gawroński

By the end of the camp we successfully graded: Gato for 1st Instructor Level, Bartek, as first in Poland, for 2nd Instructor Level.  At Master Chin’s request, we were graded by Alex Skalozub, the chief of the Russian school, famous for especially rigorous approach and high level. The exam was very intensive and took 5 hours. It was concluded by testing our theoretical knowledge and the philosophy and the test of fa jing. At this level it was done on a one inch pine board hanging on one side.

Mindfullness meditation

The last three days were fully dedicated to meditation, being a vitally important of mental development, a key to understanding the higher levels of I Liq Chuan training.

We wish to thank Master Chin and the Organizers for brilliant organization and opportunity to train!

Regular trainings in season 2012/2013

In 2012/2013 season we’re inviting you to train with us in our regular location at “Akademia Asan”, Noakowskiego St. 16. The training schedule is:

  • Mondays 18:00 – 20:00
  • Thursdays 19:00 – 21:00

English-speaking foreigners are welcome to join our regular classes. While we’re not able to provide full translation of the whole trainings, you will get enough personalized instruction to keep you going.

We’ve also started physical classes for Lazarski University this year.

Videos from seminar with Daria Sergeeva

We’re inviting you to check out the videos from the seminar with Daria Sergeeva of Russia we organized in April 2012 in Warsaw::

Review of Warsaw seminar with Daria Sergeeva

dsc_0086On April 13th to 15th we had the pleasure of hosting Daria Sergeeva, one of the most advanced I Liq Chuan practicioners and instructors in the world, in Warsaw. Daria’s legend arrived here already years back and we had a chance to meet her when she assisted Master Sam Chin during his seminar in Warsaw 3 years ago. It was only now though that we organized Daria’s first seminar in Poland.

dsc_0166We had the first training on Friday evening. There were students from both ILC schools in Warsaw and some from other cities. The main topics of this training included meditation on sensual and mental awareness, needed for understanding of the deeper aspects of I Liq Chuan and the nature of the body’s structure based on bones, muscles and tendons, keeping it in movement and in meeting the opponent’s force.

The official seminar took place on Saturday and Sunday. It’s topics included partner work related with the basic exercises and understanding of distance. Thanks to instructions and demonstrations given by Daria, who is quite a slim person, we could see how the mastery of technique may allow one to be unbelievably efficient against much bigger opponents, regardless of gender or frame.

At the end of the seminar grading was held by the instructors: Daria Sergeeva, Bartosz Samitowski & Włodzimierz Hrymniak. Four students successfully graded: Sebastian Cis & Marcin Ponomarew (2nd level) and Uladzimir Krumin & Michał Górski (1st level). Congratulations!

According to the shared opinion of participants it’s clear that the event was really inspiring for everyone and Daria impressed all of us with her skill as a practitioner, as a great teacher and as a person. We’re hoping for further cooperation and seeing an even bigger group of our students next time!


See the gallery for the event