Hello Londoners!

We are offering you weekend seminars in London with Bartek Samitowski, a certified ILC instructor in Warsaw, Poland, who comes to London every 2-3 months. The seminars are offered for the benefit of both ILC practitioners and those coming from other martial arts who are interested to try our art and/or find inspiration for their own training. All are welcome, both newbies and advanced players.

We’ve already had around 15 seminars since February 2011. You are free to join at any time. Our next seminar will take place around January of February 2015. Please send us an email for more information.

Cost: 80 pounds for two days of intensive training, or 50 pounds for one day.

Reviews by attendants:

Most of those attending had a background in Tai Ji. The seminar began with a short exposition of the I Liq Chuan system including amoungst other things yin and yang aspects of the body and how to work with the lower dan tien and ming men. This was followed by a quick muscle tendon and joint loosening exercise. After this Bartek demonstrated his skills, this naturally progressed to partner work.

The session gave me a greater understanding of might be called “inner geometry” and how this can be utilized to in an adversarial situation to control an opponent.

The seminar was fun, engaging, respectful and in moments profound, for example, becoming aware your own energy and then to become aware of your partners, the boundary between you, both physical and psychological seened to disperse, leaving the possibility for the seemingly impossible to occur.

If you are looking for a martial art that is respectful, transparent and generous in spirit, I would recommend Bartek and I Liq Chuan!
– David

Big Thanks to Bartek for the I Liq Chuan seminar he taught in London last Sunday (06/11/2011). 

Bartek has a deep knowledge of the fine details which make up this at once seemingly complex, yet effortless art. His hands on teaching clearly marries together the theory and physical manifestation of the principles involved, leaving one with a clear experience of what the required components are, how they interact within oneself and the opponent and how to refine and develop them in a solo and partner setting. 

During this seminar, we had covered some of the principles of I Liq Chuan, with regards to stance, posture, nature of movement and how to combine these in motion and stillness for desired effect on oneself and others. Despite the seminar only being several hours long, I have taken away enough from it to easily practice and incorporate for a good year. Looking forward to the next seminar! ”
– Adil

Bartek was pleasantly surprised that we “backward” Londoners were able to introduce four new people to I Liq Chuan through his seminar yesterday, even more so when he discovered that they all had prior experience in martial arts (Chen taiji and jiujitsu). The ambience throughout the entire five hour afternoon session was as friendly and open as one could have wished for, and we soon found ourselves exploring the subtleties of the art, both through Bartek’s explanations and learning to feel and understand the structural dynamics of the art through partner training.

Some of the most interesting moments occurred when it became clear how effective I liq chuan is in suddenly disrupting and breaking what might look (and feel) like a stance of invincible strength and power. Though not everyone is interested in fighting, this is a primary goal of all martial strategies, and anyone interested in managing the challenges of both competition and street might do well to consider learning and applying at least the basic ideas of the system.”
– Neil

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