Master Sam F. S. ChinThe art of I Liq Chuan develops the ability of redirecting and off balancing. At the higher levels of training it also contains strikes to the meridian points. The system contains some closed – fist punches but primarily uses more open palms, ch’in na and grabs. Elbows, knees and shoulders are also used defensively, but most importantly controlling the opponent as soon as contact is made is always stressed.

Mistrz Sam Chin demonstruje zastosowanie chin na (dźwigni)By simply practicing the forms, you will not attain the high level of combative skill that an I Liq Chuan practitioner can achieve. This level is attained through two – person practice. The core of the system is in its spinning/sticky hand drills. This exercise resembles Tai Chi push hands, but is somewhat different. Instead students train by spinning their hands and forearms around each other, while trying to focus their mind and senses, to feel their partner’s energy and also be aware of their own body and its reactions. From there various combat applications are employed. One important prerequisite to learning and applying I Liq Chuan properly and effectively, is keeping the body and mind relaxed and balanced. This is developed through the understanding of philosophy, concepts, principles, and training tools. By utilizing spinning force all the body movements become rounded and circular. Power is generated from the ground through the feet and legs, then transmitted through the waist and shoulders, into a unified body movement. Higher levels maintain unity, while splitting the direction of the force at any point of the body.


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